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Fall Couture 2011: Giambattista Valli

20 Dec

This is Giambattista Valli’s first couture show and it was an absolutely stunning one. Actually, this was quite possibly my favorite couture show this season. Everything falls perfectly and is elegant with in its own way. Valli does not channel other designers — he has perfected aspects of fashion that are solely his and he perfects them time and time again. Apart from that signature rouching, the leopard print Valli does so elegantly, his signature red and the black and white print are all present…also the odd bustle he has in a peplum style at the hips, he works his innovative styles so beautifully. He is just a brilliant man. He does couture in the most amazing way, soon to take over Chanel and Valentino as the couture king…

Left: Resort 2012                                                                     Right: Fall 2011


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Fall Couture 2011: Atelier Versace

15 Dec

Atelier Versace always shows their collection later than the rest of the Couture shows, but it is ALWAYS worth the wait. Model Kasia Strauss wore each piece to perfection with the Eastern and Baroque influence. These were some of the most ornate and elegant pieces that Versace has put forth. This gorgeous collection has been previewed a little bit before the collection actually showed. J.Lo wore a piece to Glamour’s Women of the Year Awards and Katy Perry at the MTV Awards…This is a truly stunning collection that is so well put together with every inch thought through and divinely executed. There’s something about these elaborate collections that leaves me kind of speechless. I’d like to analyze this intensely but I can’t because there’s just so much going on. It’s perfect though…really perfect


Credit: fashiongonerogue/zimbio

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Fall Couture 2011: Givenchy

19 Jul

Yes — It’s been awhile. About a month if I’m not mistaken. With vacation, interning and just regular Summer mayhem I’ve had trouble getting time online. That’s not to say I haven’t been following or thinking about what’s going on in fashion. Absolutely nothing gets me going like a little Riccardo Tisci. While I abandoned many of the Resort collections from lack of time etc. and honestly, I found the fall couture shows to be pretty unimpressive — Givenchy couture has completely redefined what couture is now, thanks in complete to Riccardo Tisci. His mastery is amazing. I have a massive Givenchy Couture, Past and Present post coming up so get ready. It’s essentially just the development of Tisci, but I’m quite proud of it nonetheless.
For the past few Couture seasons, Tisci took a page out of Marchesa’s book and literally presented his pieces rather than a formal show. With pieces of this intricacy, it is by far the best move. While I will get to this more in my monstrous Givenchy post, there are some huge themes that carry between the collections — i.e. sheer skirts, the full coverage with an intense sex appeal from the intricacy and lace, the prevalence of white with small doses of color only when necessary. Tisci has perfected Couture, yet he has not tested himself within this. I think the man can do no wrong and I see his ending on the taupe dress as a sign of realizing this need to progress within his boundaries, I really hope this is the case. It has been three truly stunning couture seasons of these similar yet very different couture looks. They are flawless, and it is now time to continue.

p.s. a dose of Carine Roitfeld in a few day old piece from the collection at the White Fairy Tale Love Ball hosted by Natalia Vodianova and Valentino. Roitfeld always looks made for these pieces (which she wears as often as events demand).

credit –

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