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ADR: Peter Lindbergh’s Portofino Event

15 May

How great is this gold number? I’ve been busy with Finals but once I saw this I knew I had to break my blogging celibacy. Dello Russo stuns in this piece. I love the way she can rock insane metallics and intense colors. She’s got such a sense for these types of things. Everything about the outfit was gold — from the Alan Juorno pineapple atop her head to the Ferragamo clutch, Russo was encompassed by gold.



ADR: Balmain

1 May

Me thinks ADR has a love of everything Balmain. This is all Christophe Decarnin, showing that the brand really did need the revitalization that it received when he came on board.

credit: streetfsn, style, zimbio, jakandjil, etc.

Goodbye Christophe Decarnin, Hello Olivier Rousteing

ADR: The Bay Opening

ADR Roksanda Ilincic

ADR: Outfits at the Opening

25 Apr

Now, I’m fuzzy as to the chronology of these photos because strangely (or not so considering it’s Anna Dello Russo we’re discussing), she is wearing multiple outfits. I first assumed it was different days of this exhibition but Stacey (in the Jil Sander, slap yourself if you couldn’t immediately identify that) is in other pictures in the same Spring 2011 piece. Confusing? Yes. I don’t know who each piece is by but I’d put money on the skirt being Mary Katrantzou. The designer and Dello Russo have a relationship and it just reeks of Katrantzou’s unusual design acumen.

This is undeniably Mary Katrantzou. SS 2011. Deadly and beautiful and I just want to drink it up and try on one of those amazingly intricate couture pieces. She paired it with Charlotte Olympia pumps with cute little bows.

Again, I think this is a brilliant photo. The idea is simple but the Roksanda Ilincic photo is just so powerful that it is an amazing contrast to the simplicity of the portrait of Anna. The dress is Giles ss’11. Love, love, love as usual.

credit: textstyles/torontoisfashion/tommyton

ADR: The Bay Opening

ADR: The Barbie

ADR: An Introduction

ADR: “The Bay” Exhibition

21 Apr

How absolutely adorable is this? These are photos taken from the opening of Anna & Tommy’s exhibition in Toronto. This custom Erdem jacket was a gift and how cute are they together! It’s a real meeting of the most creative minds in the business…love it. Wish I could go to Toronto and see the exhibit.

Credit: torontolife

Anna Dello Russo Obsession: Part I

19 Apr

I know I’ve been talking about this for days and I swear I have actually worked on the most enormous ADR collection ever. Where to begin? I’m starting with a few random, gorgeous pieces.


I don’t know if my obsession with ADR has anything to do with the fact that every shot of her outfit is so glamorous and artfully shot. Look at the way her fur stands out against the old grace of the city. She looks stunning. I love this Pucci fur. I loved in on the runway and it looks even more amazing under the night sky with all the elegance of ADR under it. I haven’t seen any shots of what’s under the fur but I’d be willing to bet it’s the sheer Pucci dress from the runway — I recently read an article where she said she copies the runway looks because that’s how the art is intended to be seen, like downloading an entire CD vs. one song. You replicate and honor the artist in this way. It was a perspective I had never considered.


This reminds me of McQueen in the structure of it. The intricacy and delicacy in a McQueen piece is missing though. In terms of the rest of the outfit it’s not all working for me– it feels like she is drawing from different eras in a way that doesn’t work. The shoes and the sunglasses, minor aspects but when it comes to this level of sartorial acumen, everything matters. I loved the two different perspectives of this dress although they’re similar so the “runway” look is posted below. The collars are different but it’s undeniably a slightly modified version… delicious, just delicious.


Talk about sass! I love the shoulders on this they’re so…dominating and severe …like a small dose of McQueen on a regular blazer…high fashion at its finest.

Need another dose?

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Credit: EVERYWHERE,, streetfsn, ADR, jakandjil, stylelist

Anna Dello Russo: The Barbie

18 Apr

Well it was only a matter of time before Anna Dello Russo was turned into a barbie! As strange as it is to see her walking around with the miniature, personalized plastic version of herself I kind of love it. There’s a bit of a glare but next to the doll in the box is a photo of Dello Russo in the Dolce & Gabbana piece that the doll is wearing. Below I linked a photo from Styleite, it is Dello Russo in the real dress next to a close up of the doll — the similarity between the two is absolutely stunning.

Credit: ADR, Styleite