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Resort 2012: Gucci

26 May

90th Anniversary for the amazing house. This wasn’t really a beach collection but it was really smart and sophisticated. The resort season is tricky because it applies differently to all people. I love this and the drop waist with the neon pleats. So simple and retro yet still current and glamorous. I would expect nothing else from this important house.


Gucci Fall 2011

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Resort 2012: Elie Tahari

26 May

While small, this Elie Tahari collection embodied what I imagine Resort collections to be. The hot pants that tuck in to the mustard colored button down is delicious, a look that we’ll be seeing so much of this summer. The second look is my dream. The pleats and the beading are thin and sexy and perfect in my mind. These are pieces I’ll be looking for all summer and the look I hope to embody!


Elie Tahari Fall 2011

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Resort 2012: Escada, Etro & Just Cavalli

18 May

My family has a funny connection with Escada. Well, maybe not that funny. We have a relative who bought the most out there Escada pieces which now compose the vintage component of my wardrobe. I have yet to wear any of the pieces without a multitude of compliments. Anyways — the Resort collection for Escada was very simple. The colors were all pastels and it was calm and beach like. What one would expect from a Resort collection, no? I do absolutely love the first dress. It has a J. Mendel quality to it with the simplicity of the slightly ribbed and wrinkled fabric and the simple two-toned color palette. I love that dress.

The Etro collection was — very Etro. All patterns, all the time. Each look had a tribal, animalistic component. What I love about these pieces is that they are totally work ready for one who has to be more reserved in their dressing, while still expressing personality and creativity. The print blazer over the sheer blue blouse which Khaki colored straight legged pants is the epitome of the working women I will look like (unless I end up in fashion of course, in which I would still occasionally channel this look).

I don’t generally care for the Just Cavalli collections. They are watered down versions of Cavalli and the cuts never intrigue me. I love the second look though. Like love. It is the reason I posted these. The giant, uneven cut oversized two-tone top over the micro leopard print shorts is adorable.

Just Cavalli Fall 2011

Etro Fall 2011

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Resort 2012: Bottega Veneta

18 May

There were two very distinct sides to this collection. First was the neutral, slightly conservative set of pieces that started off the show. These were more city pieces than Cruise ones — for working women who are stylish and want to stay with fashion in this in-between season. The second started off with a huge pop of color, drastically changing the dynamic of the show. These pieces were strongly colored and most were colorblocked. The cut of dresses reminded me a lot of Spring 2011 BCBG collection where Azria’s entire collection was these light, airy dresses without any discernible shape in multiple colors. There were tiers in the Veneta collection as well as in the BCBG one. The collection was interesting and quite strong but not really my favorite. There was a very restrained overtone to it that threw me off. I love the orange in the brighter pieces — it’s vibrant and intense and looks stunning with the belt.


Bottega Veneta Fall 2010

Bottega Veneta Spring 2011

Bottega Veneta Fall 2011

Drool Worthy Shoes.

17 May

1. Dsquared2 shoes from the Fall 2010 collection. These are the dreamiest pair of shoes I have ever seen. I have dreamed about them since the show last spring and will continue to until I own them — which is potentially never going to happen. Not only was the show stunning but these are just one of a kind. They singlehandedly started the obsession with skeletal pieces in couture which is still going on. There aren’t many shots from the runway but from backstage you can glimpse the shoes in all of the different styles they came in — the little bootie and full length leather boot — and again.

2. The lipstick shoes in various colors: Alberto Guardiani (can purchase here) I just think that these shoes are SO fun. They’re not as completely drool worthy as the Dsquared2 shoes but they’re interesting and a concept which one doesn’t really come across all the time. It’s been getting much more common to see unusual heels (Chanel’s lightbulb one for instance!) but this is a kind of satirical take on that.

Credit: TFS/albertoguardiani

Resort 2012: Oscar de la Renta

17 May

If Picasso were a couturier, Oscar de la Renta’s Resort 2012 collection would have been his crème-de-la-crème of collections. This was a stunning show. I love the cubist inspiration and the way Spanish culture snaked its way through the entire collection. From the matador jackets that came alongside high cut pants and the matador sashes that crossed some couture gowns to the Flamenco dresses with their tiers and flowing bodies…this collection was more lively than any de la Renta that I can recall. There is not a piece in this collection that doesn’t show immense signs of the craft — there is patchworking, embroidery, beading…some extra element to each piece. de la Renta also put spanish style hats atop many of the models — a fun element although I thought they looked a bit strange. Having just finished working on the Balenciaga exhibit at the Spanish Institute, de la Renta felt the pull of Spanish artists and looked to Picasso for inspiration for Resort.


Oscar de la Renta Fall 2011

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Style Inspiration: Christine Centenera

15 May

Christine Centenera follows slightly behind ADR in those who I see as the icons of fashion right now. She’s completely under the radar in some circles and has a more conservative flair than ADR — but that really doesn’t mean much. She is the Editor of Harper’s Bazaar Australia as well as a freelance stylist. I think she’s brilliant. Where ADR picks the most out there pieces and sticks to the runway versions in order to give appropriate credit to the designers themselves, Centenera takes her own initiative and puts things together. I suppose that comes from the stylist part of her. Two completely different approaches and two completely different looks. These Celine pants are TO DIE FOR. The pattern and the shapeless style…I literally dream about them. Unfortunately, Celine is notably absent from any and all vendors online. Yet for those who are not loaded beyond belief, these pants are worth a month without food.


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ADR: Peter Lindbergh’s Portofino Event

15 May

How great is this gold number? I’ve been busy with Finals but once I saw this I knew I had to break my blogging celibacy. Dello Russo stuns in this piece. I love the way she can rock insane metallics and intense colors. She’s got such a sense for these types of things. Everything about the outfit was gold — from the Alan Juorno pineapple atop her head to the Ferragamo clutch, Russo was encompassed by gold.


Resort 2012: Chanel

10 May

Leave it to Chanel to turn a resort collection into a weekend event. The complete discrepancy between the fall collection and this one…it’s literally a complete 180. This is sweet and airy, delicate and feminine while the Fall collection was destruction and hobo-chic (or as hobo-chic as Chanel could ever be…). There was series of wedding-style gowns that I fell completely in love with. The really romantic and unusual suit pieces that made up the beginning were both unusual for Chanel and unusual for these suits in general. It’s rare to see such well crafted, beautiful and colorful pieces that radiate femininity while still holding onto that stiff masculinity that is inherent to suits. The second to last gown was a stunner in my book — best of the collection and will, indubitably, be on red carpet sooner rather than later.


Clemense Poesy in Chanel at the Resort 2012 Presentation

Blake Lively in Chanel at the Resort 2012 Presentation

Chanel Fall 2011

ADR: Balmain

1 May

Me thinks ADR has a love of everything Balmain. This is all Christophe Decarnin, showing that the brand really did need the revitalization that it received when he came on board.

credit: streetfsn, style, zimbio, jakandjil, etc.

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